Welcome to Diamond Recordings

Diamond Recordings, your leading edge Recording and Music Production Facility in Queensland Australia, caters to your production needs on any level from demo to Airplay Ready Mixes.

Our studio is fully decked out with classic analog tones from Neve, UreiPultec, Lexicon, and Struder to name a few, so send us your tracks to mix and or re-master as we have everything needed to achieve a spectacular and professional world-class sound.

Producer David Lynch has become well known over the last 25 years in the Recording Industry for his talents in being able to mould a basic song or music idea into a Marketable Sound. His Directing skills are especially useful in maximizing studio time making it more economical. Coupling this with David’s highly developed talents in audio mixing and mastering makes for a high quality product and a great recording experience. David is also a talented musician and you can use his abilities to add to your own album.

Whether you are here for a daily session or staying in our self-contained Retreat-Style Accommodation, this unique recording experience will enable you to bring out the best of your creativity. Imagine cutting your next track or album in a fully inspiring location nestled on The Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland only one hour from Cairns International Airport. Go for a bush walk, sit on our private beach, or paddle a canoe in our private lake between sessions to help spark your creativity on your next project. This will naturally add to it’s success and value!

Diamond Recordings is focused on:

  • Allowing you to feel comfortable to do your thing
  • Working with you to achieve your best performance no matter what style
  • Work-shopping and expanding on ideas and styles
  • Capturing that moment
  • Excellence in Sound Quality

“It’s all about capturing ‘the moment‘ – the expression of life. I believe it’s that ‘life‘ in a performance that people want to hear. It’s the real thing, the essence, the X factor. That’s what makes a hit!”